Becoming a Training Center

Registered Apprenticeship is an integrated model of on-the-job learning with classroom and online training, and one-on-one professional mentorship — providing pathways to sustainable, living-wage careers. Many Registered Apprenticeship programs utilize local community colleges to provide 100% of the required classroom training. At Arts2Work, because tools, methods and technology evolve so quickly, we also partner with a vibrant network of community-based training centers and online training partners (like Sundance Collab and Master Class) to deliver up to 150 hours of Arts2Work approved coursework:

The cost of training is covered by employers, grants or federal programs for eligible Apprentices. Arts2Work Apprentices also work towards Adobe-certified credentials as part of their training.

Some of our certified Arts2Work training centers include Bay Area Video Coalition, Wide Angle Youth Media, PhillyCAM, Free Spirit Media, Ghetto Film School, Youth FX, Venice Arts, Portland Open Signal, Austin Public, West LA College, City College of San Francisco, among others.

Are you interested in joining the Arts2Work Certified Training Center community? Do you lead a high-quality media center or a community college program in Film, Video, Cinematic Arts, Broadcasting, or Interactive Media? Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly!

Arts2Work Course Examples

Introduction to Visual Storytelling

Digital Video Production Basics - Advanced

Introduction to Emerging Media: AR/VR/3D/AI

Documentary Fieldwork

Audio Production

Coding for Creatives

Arts2Work PRE

Not every emerging artist who wants to be a filmmaker, producer or editor is ready for the professional work world. And not all employers have created the conditions at their workplace to effectively mentor a diverse, next-gen workforce. That is why we created Arts2Work/PRE.

"Training without a job is a broken promise."

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Besides Multimedia Producer and Digital Video Editor, will there be other career pathways coming?

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Training Center Stories

Open Signal's Incubator for Black Filmmakers

Open Signal Labs is a new incubator for Black filmmakers from Open Signal, a nonprofit media arts center in Portland, and an Arts2Work Training Center.

Ghetto Film School Paves the Way

Arts2Work partner Ghetto Film School is an incredible pipeline to creative careers — a direct on-ramp to the Arts2Work Registered Apprenticeship program.

Wide Angle Youth Media Creates Opportunity in Baltimore

Arts2Work partner Wide Angle Youth Media helps prepare emerging storytellers for the creative workforce in Baltimore