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Arts2Work/PRE is a pre-Apprenticeship program for young people starting out in media and adults returning to the creative workforce. It includes training in storytelling, production and post, industry panels and networking events, portfolio development, and mentored, on-the-job experiences.

Arts2Work/PRE Includes


Training and curriculum aligns with the skill needs of media employers in your region.

Access to Services

Access to educational and career counseling and other supportive services is embedded in program structure.

Career-Aligned Learning

Hands-on, creative learning connects to education goals and job-related activities


Pathway to an industry-standard credential is included (Adobe Certified Associate).

Registered Apprenticeship

Arts2Work will support placements for Arts2Work/PRE alumni in Registered Apprenticeships or in higher education opportunities.

What's Next

The first Arts2Work/PRE program will launch in Philadelphia in 2020, in partnership with WHYY and PhillyCAM. Arts2Work/PRE programs are grant funded and will roll out in communities across the country as soon as resources become available. If you would like to work with us to bring Registered Pre-Apprenticeship to your community, please reach out to Alliance Executive Director Wendy Levy,

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